The 'I' of the Storm

The 'I' of the Storm has concluded!

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It is no secret that the current world is stormy! Listen to, The 'I' of the Storm. Designed by emerging generations for everyone! We will hear from leading meditation masters, neuroscientists, artists, activists, and so many more. Let's discover the calm in the eye of the storm.

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Listen, dance, and meditate. 🌎 🌈 🌟

Accessibility is part of our mission. Content from this event has now been released for free. 

Come navigate the storm with us. Join in the conversation. Come reflect on authenticity and change-making. We will explore how we want to show up! And, how we will shape the world! Come share your true power and true nature, in the eye of the storm.

We will explore: Getting Lost, Relationships, Ecological Crisis, Social Change, Self-Compassion, Transforming Difficult Emotions, Responding vs. Reacting, the Power of Meme, and Connection 🤩

Peace & love!

The Young Sages Team