Adam Fremond-Jeevanjee

Adam Fremond-Jeevanjee

Adam Fremond-Jeevanjee is a trained physicist, lifelong philosopher, passionate mystic & digital commerce professional.

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Having to grow up in various countries and cultures, as well as being fascinated by the mysteries of existence all of his life, Adam has been seeking Home in truth, love and beauty for as long as he can remember; for a sense of belonging that transcends any cultural or group identity. He has actively been exploring the spiritual dimension of human life for the last 6 years, and continues to be fascinated by all different traditions. His exploration of living and understanding non-duality currently expresses itself mostly through Christian mysticism, contemplative prayer and yoga, as well as the intellectual exploration of the nature of experience through classical Advaita. He recently completed his degree in Physics and Philosophy at King’s College London where he went most deeply with physics into quantum mechanics, and wrote about questions on the nature of consciousness in the philosophy of mind and metaphysics.