Dodoringumu is a community leader and activist. To live in harmony implies to get closer to the understanding of the other forms of life that exist around us. We must respect and understand the lives that radiate from nature because there is an order to this natural world.


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Dodoringumu is a young community leader in the Arhuaco tribes indigenous to modern day Colombia. These tribes have carried their culture over millennia. Since birth Dodoringumu has been immersed in the the learning of the spiritual and collective practices of his people. Throughout his work he has blossomed into a leader and activist giving voice to the needs of his community. In his life he has had a range of unique experiences which have granted him an ability to understand and synchronize the visions of the Arhuaco world and other cultures. As he experienced the international world in studying in western university, traveling abroad, and living with other cultures he has been able to find the points of connections between cultures as he returned home.