Michael Mansfield

Michael Mansfield

Michael Mansfield is a cultural worker, learning designer, and ritual artist. He lives at the intersection point where theater, ritual, and education meet. He has an unapologetic kinesthetic learning bias.

Professor, Dancer, Theater Director, Ritual Artist

About this Speaker

Michael’s professional theater and dance background includes 44 years of studying, performing, teaching, writing, choreographing, and directing. Michael uses Augusto Boal’s "Theater of the Oppressed" pedagogy in all his work. He serves as faculty member and Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies at University of California Berkeley. He has been teaching "Interactive Theater: Acting for Social Change" courses since 2008, as well as, directing Berkeley Interactive Theater Company for 13 years, travelling the state with the company to provide educational trainings for universities, colleges, schools, and hospitals in the arenas of race, gender, class, age, religion, and disability. In the morning, Michael teaches dance in grade schools across the Bay Area.

Working alongside youth and young adults since 1976, the through-line of my life has been to learn with the future leaders of our planet and to co-create a world of possibility and kindness, justice and peace, dreams and real change. SAND Youth Summit places young adults at the center of multigenerational, multicultural, transformational thought, feeling, experience, and leadership and says “What shall we do with our universe today?” Perhaps a 20-20 Vision Quest in the Storm will serve us well before the New Year?