Peta Morton

Peta Morton

Peta is the author of 'Ancient Teachings for Modern Times: the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life', an international speaker, and a regular contributor at SAND.

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Peta Morton is a Reiki and mindfulness teacher whose warm, informal, and open style of teaching has inspired students around the world. She shares practical, intuitive tools which encourage self-inquiry, increased awareness, healing, and personal transformation. A life-threatening illness prompted her to completely re-evaluate her approach to life, and she has been exploring the mystery of our humanity ever since, particularly through sound, frequency, vibration, cymatics, and digital systems. Endlessly curious, she has studied an eclectic array of subjects in order to reach a deeper understanding of the human condition and the body-mind-emotion-spirit relationship.

Peta's short online documentaries ‘The Geometry of Love’ and ‘Imaging the Hidden Geometry of Reiki’ originated from a series of spontaneous mystical experiences and offer thought-provoking insights into the mechanics of consciousness and energies which normally pass unseen and silent.