Our vision

This event is brought to you by The Young Sages Team. We empower young adults to cultivate an authentic voice rooted in inner wisdom. 

Our vision is to provide accessible, approachable, high-quality scientific and spiritual content to all people by creating heart-forward, community-minded spaces. 

Please read on for more information about the practices and values that guide our journey.


      • Community dialogue

      • Listening

      • Bravery

      • Meditation

      • Communication informed by data and research

      • Heart-minded activism 


These are the pillars that guide our journey together. We seek to uphold these values in every interaction, no matter how big or small, seen or unseen:

Bravery: We attend to our individual and group needs, creating a culture in which we feel safe to explore and voice what is alive for us. We are encouraged to experience the wide depth and breadth of human emotion and expression. Our edges are where evolution occurs. 

Embodiment: We believe that both the mind and body must be honored. Coming from the Western world, we place a large emphasis on the capabilities of the human mind. Wisdom and philosophy from other parts of the world speak to the importance of the mind-body connection that we are only beginning to wholeheartedly embrace in the West. Bridging the gap to become an integrated and whole being is something we find critical as we move forward on our evolving planet. Consider doing some yoga, qi-gong, or feeling into your heartbeat.

Responsibility & Consent: We are each expert on ourselves and responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and needs. We demonstrate radical love and respect by asking for someone’s availability to meet our desire for connection. We practice staying in connection and appreciate the response regardless of whether it is a yes or no.  

Radical Imagination: We know that human imagination seeds our landscape with possibility and is a key element in cultivating a world that serves all. Radical imagination requires courage & intelligence to recognize what needs to change and to inspire new actions and collaborations to propel social transformation.

Collective Liberation: We inquire about our positionality and privilege to become better stewards of social justice. We dismantle internalized and externalized oppression and violence based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture, socioeconomic status in order to uplift all. None of us can claim true liberation until we are all free. 

Community: We are not meant to do the work alone. By reflecting the light and shadow in each other, we remember how to live together. All that we experience in our “private” lives has wisdom for the connected whole. We prioritize inter-personal thriving to forge resilient networks that awaken collective consciousness. 

We hope our gathering can honor what is authentic, true, and alive for you. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!